Frequently Asked Questions of director George Moore about making the film.

Where did the initial idea come from?

My friend and co-writer Ben told me about the conspiracy theory during a drunk taxi ride; I’d never heard of it before and found it really entertaining. I made one of those off-hand comments that people make all the time; ‘that would make a funny film’, but the following day we decided to actually make it happen.

What was the process for casting such iconic characters?

I searched through thousands of profiles on casting websites, then auditioned the lead roles remotely via skype, except for George, played by Basil Marples, who I have worked with many times before and knew would be perfect. Our original John, Paul and Ringo dropped out of the project last- minute, which lead me to find the actors we eventually filmed with. Whilst it felt dreadful at the time to lose such a look-specific cast a month before filming, I’m so glad it happened the way it did - I can’t imagine anyone else in those roles now.

Is it true you got snowed in during filming?

Yes and no. We were filming for five days in February in the Lake District, mostly up a mountain, so naturally we were all terrified that bad weather would shut us down. In the end, the weather miraculously came out for us, and the film looks hot and sunny, despite it being absolutely freezing on set! When we wrapped filming, however, the snowstorm hit, and cast & crew ended up being snowed into the mountainside accommodation for five days. We had to walk for an hour through the blizzard to buy food and supplies from the nearest town.

What is your best memory from the shoot?

All of the cast happen to be musical, (hence Reid’s wonderful song in the film) and we had guitars lying around as props. I remember one night after filming, the four of them sat together and wrote a few songs to pass the time - of course they are all lookalikes, so it got very surreal. I felt like I was just hanging out with the real things. I wont forget that in a hurry.

Where do you see Paul Is Dead going?

The film is going online Autumn 2018, and we are submitting the film to festivals for 2019. I hope it entertains audiences and makes people laugh - I know it’s been getting a good reaction so far, so who knows - there’s even been talk of a feature version!

What’s next for you?

Another funny music project! Alongside freelance directing work, I’m currently developing the script for a TV series, adapted from the cult smash hit comic book Hitsville UK, set in a surreal indie record label. There’s even a chance that the Paul Is Dead cast could reprise their roles for a cameo... We’ll see how it goes.

How would you describe Paul Is Dead?

At its heart it’s about what happens to a group dynamic when there’s a missing piece - but it’s also a colourful, psychedelic, tongue in cheek, fish-out-of-water comedy about characters we all know and love, that’ll leave you smiling long after the credits roll.

Do you believe the conspiracy theory?

I believe its a testament to the creativity and imagination of the band that fans were able to find so many clues in the work, and are still looking today. As for Paul himself - or maybe it's Billy - get in touch. I won't tell.

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